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2020 Vision Calendar

Step into the new decade with laser focus and ultra-chic motivation with the 2020 Vision Calendar, the first release that launches the new Vision Collection. This 12-month full color calendar features fashionable illustrations and empowering inspirations to encourage you to walk purposefully and passionately into the new year and beyond.

Highlighted throughout the calendar are the birthdays of Notable Queens. However, there is an opportunity to polish your own crown and celebrate the Queen in you as well.

If you have decided that 2020 sparks the year of creativity, purpose, vision planning and dreams manifested, then this is the calendar for you. The 2020 Vision Calendar also makes a great gift idea for the motivated mavens in your life.

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About Us

Journaling is a long held passion of Mystique Latese, the founder of Bee Not Conformed and author of the inspirations found within the Bee Not Conformed journal collection. Each journal in the collection is inspired in some way by her own personal experiences and the hope is that you will find a journal that speaks to your heart or someone you love. Woven throughout the Bee Not Conformed community are uplifting stories and articles intended to celebrate, motivate and empower women. While you're here, may you find inspiration and faith-filled encouragement.

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