Bee Not Conformed

How Bee Not Conformed Came to Be...

My name is Mystique Latese and I am obsessed with journals. My youth was filled with countless "Dear Diary" moments and my adulthood still overflows with constant journal scribbles.

I use them mostly to inspire and encourage myself or to simply stay on track with whatever goals that I have set forth. I literally have a journal for everything! I buy them at random and keep them in my office because I know that a moment will soon present itself when I can put my new found treasure to good use.

Once they are filled to the brim with dreams, goals and plans, I don't dare throw them away! Although I am as tech-savvy as they come, there is still something about actually writing the vision that really soothes me.

I imagine my daughter cracking open the pages one day and attempting to decipher the hieroglyphics of my hand-writing, but only being able to piece together fragments of my inner-most thoughts.

It was that idea of legacy, catapulted by my husband's prior health scare, that led me on a quest to find something, sell something, and build something that could help to sustain our family as we headed into the unknown.

The idea of taking my love of journals and combining it with sharing pieces of my own story came to me in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep because the concepts for one journal after the other kept pouring in so fast that I had to hurry to jot them all down.

From that moment forward, God has connected me with incredible people who have helped to transform my vision of a line of inspiration journals into print. 

My first two gems, "Own Your Spotlight" and "Diary of a Break Up" are available now, with a special journal dedicated to my daughter, "For This Child I Prayed" celebrating its recent launch.

More journals are certainly in the pipeline covering a wide range of relatable topics, including "I Am Not Forgotten" which is a journal with a very important mission. I definitely give God all the glory and praise with each new release.

I pray you find one that speaks to you or to the heart of someone you know.

I welcome feedback, prayers, and the power of your testimony. Feel free to connect with me here to share or via my social channels.

God bless you from our family to yours...


 Bee Not Conformed

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