Save Yourself

Save Yourself

Sometimes you may feel as if you’re drowning. You’re stuck out in the middle of deep waters and you’re too tired to keep going. You just want to surrender and float lifelessly away. A peaceful escape. You’ve tried calling out for help and you’ve waited patiently for a gallant rescue, but there is no one around to catch you before you go under.

You have to save yourself.

Whether you’re starting a business, taking your existing business into a new direction, or plotting your next move in the hopes of advancing your career, many of us have come face-to-face with that moment where we must decide if we have the strength to continue or if we should simply give up.  

It‘s a hard choice to make.

On one hand you look back and you can see the distance that you’ve covered. You know exactly where you started and you can see where you are now. But on the other hand, the sheer force of all the obstacles that you face threatens to throw you way off course and you can no longer clearly see the destination ahead. What do you do? Who can you turn to in this very moment of indecision?

Often very few people in our lives understand the journey that we are on. So when we hit a wall or a face a moment where it feels like we’re about to crumble, we often suffer through it in silence. We’ve learned early on how to become our own biggest cheerleaders and how to encourage ourselves through the lowest of lows. We have battled the naysayers as well as our own hidden insecurities and for the most part we’ve won.  

But do we have any fight left in us?

The journey may have left you void of energy, but you still need to muster up the strength to carry on. No one is going to help you to reach your destiny if you’ve given up the fight long ago. It is in you. It is for you. But now you have a choice to make. Sink or swim?


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