A Letter to My Daughter

A Letter to My Daughter

I am a sucker for a fairy tale. I root for the heroine to "get the guy" in books, in film and in real life because in essence I am cheering for love. I've spent nearly two decades submersing myself in other people's love stories. Getting them to the church on time, ushering them down the aisle to exchange the vows that will set them onward in their journey towards happily ever after. And though I've found my own "Prince" and chose to elope near the lake in lieu of an enchanted castle or royal palace (was that even an option?) -- I still live vicariously through the tale as old as time of countless others who have met their own Prince Charming.

Ciara and Russell, Serena and Alexis, and now Meghan and Prince Harry.

It's not just the glamour that draws me into their love stories, it's the glimpse of seeing not only myself, but the magic of love that I hope for my daughter. A mirror that reflects the possibilities that marriage is still in style, that it's never too late, and you're not too old, or too much of this and not enough that, to meet and marry the love of your life.

There is always a common thread that is woven throughout their story that creates a sense of knowing, that makes me champion their love and sincerely want them to make it by overcoming whatever obstacle that stands in their way (even if it's just the negative comments on social media). In the case of Ms. Markle and Prince Harry, it's the underlying current of race and the discussions about Meghan's ethnicity that hits very close to home for me.

As a mother of a daughter who may encounter her own race-related experiences as a result of being born the product of an interracial marriage, I always try to envision what her life will be like within the current landscape of the world in which we live. And in the midst of so much discord, hate and indifference, it's easy for me to want love to win and hone in on those stories that give me hope for my daughter's future.

As we prepare to take her to visit the only castle that I've ever been to, located in the Magic Kingdom where fairy tales were born for me all those years ago; it's not just the stories of the handsome prince, the palatial palace and all of the grandeur of a royal wedding that I want to impart in her. It's the stories of possibilities, reaching her full potential, going against the grain, standing up for what is right and just, living out loud, coloring in and outside the lines, and being confidently in love with herself, so that someday when her "Prince" arrives, she truly has found her equal and they can conquer the world together.


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