Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl

Whoever said that girls can’t fight, truly underestimated the sheer power and pure will of a female with her eye focused firmly on the prize.  Aside from the stereotypical bouts in the midst of a shoe sale or bridal gown stampede, a woman armed with a plan is a formidable adversary.

I remember when I saw my husband for the first time. I knew there was something about him and that somehow our lives would be intertwined. So I put it out in the atmosphere (code for I told my best friends) that if he crossed my path I would say something to him. Without outlining the exact chain of events, let’s just say that out of all of the doors he could have exited, he chose the door that would lead him across my path. We ended up talking for hours and I went home that day knowing that I had just met the man that I would marry.

The next day, I remember writing my husband’s name in my journal and outlining in detail that over the next several days we would have wonderful interactions which would begin our journey down the path to a loving and lasting marriage. Eight months later we exchanged vows in a private ceremony that I will always cherish.

No, our courtship wasn’t a calculated plan, but it started with a spark and a feeling deep in my core that this was it, that he was the one. And therefore, nothing else could detract from that; not any of the adversities that we had to overcome in order to become husband and wife, nor any of the challenges we currently face.

It is the same with following your passion. When you know that you have found your calling and you have the opportunity to live your dream, then let nothing stop you. The gloves must come off as it will be a constant fight and battle to the very end to stay true to who you are and what you were called to do.


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